Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Test Deliverables & Metrics

Test Deliverables

There are different test deliverables at every phase of the SDLC. These deliverables are provided based on the requirement once before the start of the test phase and there are other deliverables that are produced towards the end/after completion of each test phase. Also there are several test metrics that are collected at each phase of testing. Below are the details of the various test deliverables corresponding to each test phase along with their test metrics.

The standard deliverables provided as part of testing are:

* Test Trace-ability Matrix
* Test Plan
* Testing Strategy
* Test Cases (for functional testing)
* Test Scenarios (for non-functional testing)
* Test Scripts
* Test Data
* Test Results
* Test Summary Report
* Release Notes
* Tested Build

Test Metrics

There are several test metrics identified as part of the overall testing activity in order to track and measure the entire testing process. These test metrics are collected at each phase of the testing life cycle /SDLC and analyzed and appropriate process improvements are determined and implemented as a result of these test metrics that are constantly collected and evaluated as a parallel activity together with testing both for manual and automated testing irrespective of the type of application. The test metrics can be broadly classified into the following three categories such as:

1. Project Related Metrics – such as Test Size, # of Test Cases tested per day –Automated (NTTA), # of Test Cases tested per day –Manual (NTTM), # of Test Cases created per day – Manual (TCED), Total number of review defects (RD), Total number of testing defects (TD), etc

2. Process Related Metrics – such as Schedule Adherence (SA), Effort Variance (EV), Schedule Slippage (SS), Test Cases and Scripts Rework Effort, etc.

3. Customer related Metrics – such as Percentage of defects leaked per release (PDLPR), Percentage of automation per release (PAPR), Application Stability Index (ASI), etc.

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