Monday, August 11, 2008

Change Request

1. Initiating a Change Request
A user or developer wants to suggest a modification that would improve an existing application, notices a problem with an application, or wants to recommend an enhancement. Any major or minor request is considered a problem with an application and will be entered as a change request.

2.Type of Change Request
Bug the application works incorrectly or provides incorrect information. (for example, a letter is allowed to be entered in a number field)
Change a modification of the existing application. (for example, sorting the files alphabetically by the second field rather than numerically by the first field makes them easier to find)
Enhancement new functionality or item added to the application. (for example, a new report, a new field, or a new button).

3. Priority for the request

Low the application works but this would make the function easier or more user friendly.
High the application works, but this is necessary to perform a job.
Critical the application does not work, job functions are impaired and there is no work around. This also applies to any Section 508 infraction.

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