Wednesday, May 26, 2010

HP QC Certification Questions and Answers: 4

Q. 31: QA Manager changes a requirement from a ___________ status to a Reviewed status once it is approved.

A. Released             
B. Tested                  
C. Not reviewed     
D. None of the above

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Q. 32: You can also import requirements to your Quality Center project from Microsoft Word, Excel, or other third-party requirement management tools. To import requirements, you must first install the appropriate _____________

A. HP Third Party add-in.                           
B. HP Quality Center add-in.
C. HP Quality Center                                             
D. HP Quality Center License

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Q. 33: The Requirements Grid view enables you to display requirements in a _________ view.

A. Flat            
B. Hierarchical         
C. Flat-hierarchical 
D. Flat non-hierarchical

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Q. 34: The _________ view enables you to analyze the breakdown of child requirements according to test coverage status.

A. Coverage Analysis                               
B. Coverage Requirements
C. Coverage                                     
D. Coverage Tests

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Q. 35: You can access the Requirements menu bar from the Requirements module by pressing the shortcut key ___________.

A. F1                          
B. F9             
C. Ctrl + R                 
D. Alt + R

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Q. 36: You can use the ____________to restrict and dynamically change the fields and values in the Requirements module.

A. Script Edit            
B. Scriptor Editor     
C. Script Editor      
D. Script Editing

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Q. 37: The Requirements module enables you to define and manage your _________

A. Requirements                            
B. All requirements                                     
C. Some requirements                  
D. Tedious requirements

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38: You can rename or delete Requirements root folder.

A. True                                              
B. False

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Q. 39: You can search for a particular requirement in the requirements tree or in the requirements grid using the _________ command.

A. Search                 
B. Find                      
C. Search All                       
D. Find All

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Q. 40: You can replace field values in the requirements tree or in the requirements grid using the ___________command.

A. Replace               
B. Replace All            
C. Find & Replace  
D. Replace & Find

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