Thursday, April 1, 2010

Enabling LDAP Authentication for Users in QC 9.0

You can allow users to log in to Quality Center using their LDAP passwords, instead of Quality Center passwords.

When using LDAP authentication, users are authenticated against LDAP using the distinguished names (DN) that are stored in the Domain Authentication property in the Quality Center database. When the user
attempts to log in, and the DN information in Quality Center is invalid, the user is unable to log in to Quality Center.You can enhance the search so that when the DN information is invalid, Quality Center will also search on the LDAP server, using the LDAP import settings defined in Site Administration. If the user is found, the DN is updated in Quality Center, and an automatic login attempt is performed. To set this extended search, define a comma-separated list for the LDAP_SEARCH_USER_CRITERIA Site Configuration parameter. The possible values are username, email, fullname, phone, description. The order of the properties defines their priority if multiple results are found. For example, if the parameter is set to username and email, and two users are
found with the same user name on the LDAP server, their e-mail addresses are checked. If more than one user is found answering the set properties, an error message is returned. If the search for the user succeeds, the user is logged in to Quality Center.

To enable LDAP authentication for users:
1 In Site Administration, click the Site Users tab.
2 Click the User Settings button and choose Authentication Settings. The Authentication Settings dialog box opens.
3 Under Authentication type, select LDAP to set the authentication type as LDAP for all users.
4 In the Directory provider URL box, type the URL of the LDAP server (ldap://:).
5 Click the Test Connection button to test the URL of the LDAP server.
6 Click OK.


Jake Chominsky said...

I'm using the LDAP sync with QC but now after my user import, the domain authentication doesn't appear. The domain authentication is the path I need for my users to validate their passwords against active directory. First question: how do I get the path to start reappearing. Second question: How did this all of a sudden stop working?
I'm using QC11.0.

Olga said...

Have same problem - yesterday all worked perfectly and suddenly today nobody could login on QC, even me as admin. I'm using ALM11.