Thursday, April 1, 2010

Site Connections in QC 9.0 Site Administartor

Through this tab, you can monitor the users currently connected to a Quality Center server.
For each user, you can view the domain and project being used, the user’s machine name, the time the user first logged in to the project, and the time the most recent action was performed. You can also view the client type
connection to the Quality Center server.
You can also view the licenses that are currently being used by each user. The Mercury Quality Center license indicates that the user can access all modules in a specific project. The Defects Module license indicates that
the user can access only the Defects module.You can send messages to users connected to your Quality Center projects. You can also disconnect users from projects.

There are three sub tabs under site connections. These are
1. Disconnect: It is used to disconnect user from quality center.
Steps: i) Click any user from list.
          ii) Click on Disconnect. The selected user is disconnected from quality center.

This feature is mainly used when creating project from source project. And some user are already log in to source project. When you create new project from source project, you should first check whether users are login to source project or not. If they are login you can disconnect them or inform them to disconnect.

2. Send Message: It is used to send message to connected user.
Steps: i) Click any user/group from list.
         ii) Click on Send Message. it opens send message dialog box. You can type message and send .
This feature mainly used if some user is login to quality center and you want to disconnect him for some administrative task.

3. Group By:
There are two options: 'Group By Project' and 'Group By User'
By default it display list of users.
If you select 'Group By Project': It sorted out list by ascending order of domain name. Inside them there are project names and then there are user names those are connected to quality center. This is mostly used options because you can check it for whether for some specific project users are connected or not.

Group By User: It sorted out list by ascending order of user name. Inside that it contains the domain name and project name and all user details.


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