Thursday, April 1, 2010

QC 9.0 Site administration

Using Site Administration, you create and maintain Quality Center projects, users, and servers. You can also define site administrators and change site administrator passwords.

SiteAdministration contains the following tabs:
Site Projects : It is used to manage your Quality Center projects. This includes adding new domains and projects, querying project data, restoring projects, renaming projects, and activating or deactivating projects.
You can also upgrade projects from a previous Quality Center version to the current version.

Site Users: It is used to add new users and define user properties, including changing passwords.

Site Connections: It is used to monitor the users currently connected to a Quality Center server.

Licenses: It is used to monitor the total number of Quality Center licenses in use and to modify the license key number.

Servers: Used to modify Quality Center server information, such as the log file and mail protocol.

➤ DB Servers: Used to manage your database servers. This includes adding a new database server, editing a server’s connection string, changing a server’s default administrator user name and password, and changing a user password.

Site Configuration: It is used to modify Quality Center configuration parameters.

Site Analysis: It is used to monitor the number of licensed Quality Center users connected to your projects at specific points over a period of time.

Tools: Site Administration also includes the Tools button on the upper-right corner of the Site Administration window. Choose Migration Tool to migrate any projects you created in TestDirector to Quality Center.

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